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developer The network is a fundamental step for any Company, the difference between who is present on internet and who succeed is the way the brand presents his product.

The knowledge of programming languages ​​allow me to develop sites which are characterized by the high functional performance.

The optimized code is fast and clean, easy to use CMS, customized DataBase and dynamic sites offer a "plus" respect current web view.
Senior Programmer and Webmaster worked since 1999 as developer of web applications and web sites, mainly with PHP and MySQL database Unix / Linux server.

My experience in programming allows me to write websites correspondents to your project, and matching the best speed requirements, functionality and optimization.
My job is essentially "handmade": the code is written and optimized based on your requirements and your needs.
Develop new solutions to meet the customer requests is the challenge I face with enthusiasm every day.

I'm able to provide advice for web services thanks to constant collaboration with several freelance of online communication.

Check out the Portfolio section to see some projects.
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